Cricut Mini Easy Press

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Cricut Mini Easy Press


Honestly, I bought the Cricut Mini Easy Press on a whim after seeing someone use the product on TikTok. The creator was using it to press little HTV Mickey Mouse heads onto a pair of blank canvas shoes and they were soooo cute! I played around with the idea of getting one and tried justifying the purchase. Then I decided to just go for it. I bought one for around $50 at Walmart while I was impulse shopping and it was THE BEST DECISION EVER!!


Now, I have this Fancierstudio Power Heat Press like you see below (which I highly recommend). BUT it is incredibly heavy and bulky. You have to have the storage space for these and I currently have to keep mine in the garage. This means that every time I want to do a project I have to pull it out and lug it into the kitchen where I have the counter space to use it. Also, larger heat presses don't always work for every project. Sometimes I just want to put a name on a baby romper and the idea of pulling all of the supplies and my huge heat press out is daunting. This is where the Cricut Mini Heat Press comes in! 



Since I have had my Cricut Mini Heat Press I have been 10 times more likely to use my HTV supplies and I have been on top of my gifting game! This press is great for small projects where you just need it in a pinch or what you are working with doesn't fit in the larger press (like the TikTok creators shoes). Saving the best feature for last, this press doubles as a mini iron! If you are a quilter or sewist like I am then this is the little iron for you! It's portable and travels well. You can buy a cute travel case for it like the one below.


Here are a few projects I have done lately that turned out super cute and were done last minute.

Peace Love Reading Dr. Seuss Week Shirt

I made this shirt with the Cricut Mini Heat Press the night before my son was supposed to wear it. The mini press made it so easy for me to whip this up without pulling out my larger press. 

 Dr. Seuss Week Shirt | Peace Love Reading

Little boy on a bench wearing a Dr. Seuss shirt

Big Brother & Little Brother Gift Set

These were so much fun to make for my friend who was expecting. I keep the rompers in size newborn and 3 month on hand for occasions like this. They make great gifts and my friends always love them!

 Big Brother and Little Brother romper set


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